Reading as Self-Care

Nurturing Mind, Body, and Soul Through Books

Embrace reading as an act of self-care and nourishment for your well-being. The quiet solitude of curling up with a good book provides a sanctuary for relaxation and reflection.

Synopsis of Alpha & Omega

In the predawn hours of a summer morning Alejandro “Al” Parker, a hood legend by all rights, has been gunned down and the entire city of Detroit has been shaken off its hinges. Detective Iris McDaniels has canvassed the streets and talked to everyone associated with the hustler and soon the 147th homicide of the year goes unsolved and moved to the cold case files for months. That is until his wife Racine, who he protected and shielded from the streets decides to take matters into her own hands.

Though there have been many stories and rumors surrounding who had him killed and why, all fingers keep pointing back to Omari Goings another street hustler who had ties with Al. Against her friend’s warnings, Racine decides to infiltrate the streets to get to the bottom of this, by any means necessary. A virtual ghost to the street life and fueled by the undying love she has for Al and the desire for sweet revenge, Racine will stop at nothing until justice has been served. Alpha and Omega will have your heart racing from the beginning to the end.

About the Publisher

Erica N. Jones is the award-winning author of 7 fictional novels, with her first release in 2003. She has been featured in many literary magazines and has traveled all over the country promoting her books. A featured author with many book clubs and book expos, Erica has always had a passion for writing. She has been a ghost writer for many fan favorites and her work was recently seen on the big screen in the feature film, He Said She Said. Her love for the written word is what led her to start Second Time Media & Communications publishing company in 2004.

She to-date has helped over 25 authors realize their dream of having their works published. Erica is married with 3 boys and 1 grandson. She currently resides in Michigan where she is the owner of a Real Estate brokerage. She is currently working on new film and written projects.


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